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Gaming hour with Siren

Ada Wong.

How the fuck do I even start.

Ada wong, on a whole is by far the most relatable for me. On a personal level and for my own reasons, but the way she simply carries herself not giving a single fuck is a reason I’ve fallen in love with her.

Just look at her.

Danm thats a fine ass 2-D character.

You’ve done well Capcom.
I tip my hat to you.

Not on character development, but thats different story.

Since the beginning she has always been the lone wolf character, sneaking away in the worst of times and giving Leon an awkward lonely boner afterwards.

I’ll admit that I can understand her mysterious ways on a personal level.

And I’ll also admit I was a bit disappointed that the relationship between Ada and Leon didn’t progress in the latest game.

Yes, I ship them.

Feel free to tell me its bullshit because I wont give a fuck kiddos :3

P.s. Yes, I am well aware that this really isnt an actual normal gaming hour situation. Its more of a,

"Look at this character.
Ya see her?

Good, now let me go on and praise her for no fucking reason. “

Alright,  thats it for the very awkward Ada talk.

Good talk everbody.

Lets do better next time because all this up there ^^ is just a fucking disaster.
I’ll come back and do her again later in the future.

That sounded wrong.



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